Culhane Meadows' pricing allows us to involve their lawyers in projects where we want sophisticated work but cannot justify paying big-firm prices. We are extremely satisfied with the quality of work we have received, as well as the quick turnaround time. Culhane Meadows’s low-overhead arrangement is a legal services model whose time has come.

David Quillian, General Counsel of PrimeRevenue, Inc.

Culhane Meadows' ability to capture the efficiencies of 21st century technology and business practices is a refreshing change from our traditional law firm experiences. I encourage others to research Culhane Meadows’ novel approach to providing cost effective, quality legal services.

Joe Akers, General Counsel for RaceTrac Petroleum

Culhane Meadows provides a welcome change from traditional law firms. They prove that great legal support does not have to come at the cost of paying someone to learn the legal trade.  We embrace Culhane Meadows' novel approach to a profession that often times seems to cling to its past to the detriment of those it serves.

Phyllis "Ginger" Pitts, Sr. Vice President of TIG Real Estate Services, Inc.

Whether it’s a full-blown legal review or a consult on just one issue, I know I can get the legal advice we need without breaking the bank.  I’d recommend my Culhane Meadows attorney to any growing technology business.

Jay Hodges, CEO of EnterEdge Technology, LLC

While most businesses focus on innovation to create value for their customers, most lawyers somehow think this doesn’t apply to them.  We go to Culhane Meadows for our company’s legal needs because they have truly innovated with their ultra-low overhead business model.

Steven Gareleck, Chairman of Cost Management Group, LLC